Rock-climbing, canyoning  

and mountain rescue certificated   



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...but he knows

with who

he's going."

"Real traveler doesn't know where he's going...


In few words....
       Born in Chamonix, I've always been in mountains. Since I am a child, I am on mountains every days. Rock-climbing, alpinism, canyoning are activities witch are making my working and chilling days...
    Today, with my rock-climbing, canyoning and mountain-rescue certificates and using years of daily experience and exiting jobs all around the world, around europe, in little secrets spots now becaming famous,
I share my passion and my experience with you. Cause I think sharing is the most inportant thing in life...
     To share this adventure, to help, to teach, to help to improve, to guide, to discover and rediscover climb, mountains, canyons and world with you is so good that I will never give up doing this.
So come and join Rock-trotteur's tribe because rock-climbing
is a trip...
a trip into yourself and around the world...

© 2014 VALLA Théo



Rock-trotteur par passion...

Annecy, Aravis, Bauges, Alpes, France



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