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Canyons around Annecy and Chambéry



special price from 6 persons

5€ discount per person

                                     Angon                                           Canyon      


canyon duration : 3h30

Good conditions : between May to


Height diff: 230 m

Canyon's length: 650 m

Max abseil: 45 m

Meeting point: Angon village

(Annecy lake)

close to Talloires town.

Charge/person: 55 Euros

Charge/pers "full": 65 Euros



Made for abseil's lovers!!!

In Annecy's lake beautifull area, close to Aravis mountains, this canyon is unique because of his long abseils. Carved lime stone, deep green forest, 180 feet water-fall, funny slides, possible siphon...


                              Le Pont
                             du Diable


Canyon duration : 3h30

Good conditions : between 

May and Octobre.

Height diff: 240 m

Canyon's length: 600 m

Max abseil: around 10 m

Meeting point: Annemasse.

Charge/person: 65 Euros




Familly, friends,

having a playing time !!!

On Annecy lakeside, this canyon is the most beautifull of Bauges mountains. Made of running turquoise water and carved lime stone. you will discover a complete canyon with its jumps, natural and soft slides and abseils. Every one will enjoy this wonderfull journey in this river made for littles and talls!!!





Canyon duration : 3h00

Good conditions : between

May and September.

Height diff : 200 m

Canyon's length: 1200 m

Max abseil: 10 m

Meeting point:  Vésonne

close to Faverges

Charge/person : 65 Euros





Made for sportifs whom love water!!!

In Bornes-Aravis mountains at the bottom of Forclaz's pass, this canyon made with lime stone is a jupping canyon, with little abseils and slides... funny and accessible!






Canyon duration : 3h00

Good conditions : between

May and Octobre

Height diff : 160 m

Canyon's length : 1500 m

Max abseil : 10 m

Meeting point: La Bridoire


Charge/person : 75 Euros



Everyone can make this canyon...

On Aiguebelette lakeside, close from Chambéry, Annecy town and only 45 minutes driving from Lyon, this canyon  is really good for a first time or a spring retrouvaille with the activity. In low altitude, full with rain , is the playing perfect background in every weather conditions...


Canyon duration : 4h00 
Good conditions: Between July and Octobrer 
Height diff : 600 m   Canyon's length : 2500 m     
Max abseil: 40 m   Meeting point: contact me
Charge/person : 95 Euros
6 personnes max


This canyon is for sportives

and advenced people

Chalamy canyon
in Italia
a big shot in the arm!!!

In Aoste valley, close to Aoste town, chalami is one of the most impresive and majestic canyon in this area.

beautifull abseils, big jumps, long slides, and a big shot of adrenaline!!!

Cross the tunnel and discover the other side of Mont-Blanc mountains, an other climat, other people,

and local products (ham, cheese, grappa...) 

the other ambiance of Italia

the canyon journey!!!


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